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Clayton Kingman has a unique ‘Twitter to Track’ story. A working class man, Clayton has shown a steely determination to prove that you don’t have to be from a wealthy background to be a racing driver.

Clayton’s family have never been big into motorsport and it was not until the age of 8 that he went to Mallory Park with his father to watch his first ever live race, his fathers employer had sponsored a race team. It was from there that the sound, smell and bumper to bumper racing captured him but little did he know that it would be another 9 years before he attended another live race. During his childhood he spent his weekends watching British Touring Cars on Grandstand, with the likes of Yvan Muller, Alain Menu & Anthony Reid locking horns. Once Clayton reached 17 and was able to drive he then began attending live races, he still had a passion to compete but believed motorsport was only accessible to the wealthy.

Then came the dawn of social media and in particular Twitter which changed his belief. A random tweet about lounge pants led Clayton to make conversation with David Vardy and they began to discuss their passion for racing. As conversations became more regular the two of them decided to prove the theory wrong and to build a car together to compete in the Dunlop VAG Trophy. It was from there that Clayton and Dave embarked on building a proposal and finding the sponsorship to fully fund the build and running of a race car.

Since that tweet Clayton has had a meteoric rise both on and off the track,gaining a large following and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps. The journey has led Clayton's to exposure through both national & international media outlets.

Date of Birth:

10 March 1988

Height: 5‘9

Number: 10

Weight: 68kg


Bristol, UK

  • Appeared alongside Mark Webber, Dario Franchitti & Marc Lieb at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

  • Nominated as driver of the weekend by Radio Le Mans listeners.

  • Has a love for all things Lego

  • Once played football against Manchester United legend Denis Irwin at Old Trafford......and nut megged him! 


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