The story of Clayton Kingman is truly remarkable, after a random tweet in 2013 he found himself propelled onto the race track, and his story became known as the inspirational ‘Twitter to the Track’ tale. 

Clayton was always an avid motor racing fan, a boy with a pipe dream of becoming a racing driver. He never once thought he would ever realise that dream and could never have predicted what was to happen. It all started with a simple tweet on Twitter, following which his career was kick-started in the most astonishing fashion. His tweet led him to set about proving a point that regardless of your background, if you want something enough you can achieve it. It’s a story that created motorsport history with astounding results, and catapulted Clayton into the competitive world of being a racing driver.  

His ‘Twitter to Track’ story quickly became a well-loved and well-documented media campaign,. At its heart is a story everyone will rejoice in which has seen Clayton go from working class fan to racing driver, gaining entry into a sports arena which is notoriously reserved for the wealthy. His story is one of breaking sporting stereotypes, persistence, and removing barriers. 

He has become an inspiration to others who follow his unique journey which proves that the unthinkable can be achieved.  Clayton’s story is one of passion, persistence and never giving up, he has consistently overcome every challenge in his relentless pursuit of fulfilling his dreams, the journey to Le Mans continues!


Height: 5‘9

Number: 10

Weight: 71kg

  • Drove the James Hunt Lotus 59 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

  • Nominated as driver of the weekend by Radio Le Mans listeners.

  • Has a love for all things Lego

  • Once played football against Manchester United legend Denis Irwin at Old Trafford......and nut megged him! 


Bristol, UK


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